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Season Review

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Season Review

Coming on Monday…

I’ve completed it all except the last 20 seconds. So COYS and Up the toon!!


The Best In The Country

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Video of without doubt the best player in the league, and FWA, PFA and Young PFA award winner.

I’m Spurs and I am bias but I genuinely believe he is the third best player in the world behind the two obvious guys and I hope we can keep hold of him.

Daniel Levy needs to realise that Bale needs to play alongside some quality, rather than beating 5 players, passing to Huddlestone/Parker and then them hit a pass into Row Z.

Gareth Bale…

Love him, great appointment, great coach, and lovely guy.

As of writing this, we have 1 game left and are within a massive shout of fourth place but even if we miss out the guy has been a huge success!

I know whos fault it is if we do fall short and I am talking about a bald fella who shares the same first name as myself…

Let me leave that massive rant for another post after the final weekend of the season though.


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Now I probably shouldn’t sound big headed and say that my own videos that I have created make me so emotional BUT

Get the tissues out, this man is a legend. The bromance is massively strong, I love you Rafa x

Sandro! (Day in the life)

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Similar to the Disco Benny theme this is another stupid video about the other loveable Brazilian – Sandro!

We’ve missed him this season thanks to injury and its proved what a massive player he is for us!


Manu Adebayor!

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Made this about his first season at Spurs, and ever since I published it the guys has been pretty useless…

As time of writing though, he has just scored a beauty against the scum from West London, and he has scored the winner at Stoke too…

So, come on Ade pull ya finger out! COYS

Right, so here we are.

I don’t usually like to write a lot on this blog but here goes!

Harry Redknapp, possibly the best Spurs manager of my lifetime. From bottom of the table to trips to the San Siro and Bernabau, it really was the stuff of dreams. After this massive triumph though, constant flirting with the England job whilst we as fans stuck by him, saw Harry completely neglect all the people who paid his wages to see us throw away 12 points against Arsenal in the 11/12 campaign.

Many Spurs fans since have tarnished his reign with the club – very unfairly in my opinion, but that doesn’t stop me from realizing the man is a bitter, selfish, blame passing, old man who when he said “Spurs fans have never had it so good” started the decline in his relationship with the heartbeat of our club.

The fact his new club QPR are now heading into the Championship, where in reality if he’d of stuck to his job and kept his wide mouth shut (post court case), he would be marching Spurs around Europe or the England National Team into Brazil instead of Roy Hodgson.

What Harry should of said in May of 2011 was….

“I’ve never had it so good”

I want to say ‘Good Luck’ Harry, you bought a smile to my face on many occassions but on the flip side I also need to say ‘Good Riddance’